In 2022, the Global Beauty Industry market is estimated to be worth over $534 Billion.
A strong 6% increase year-over-year. Join AIHBA to access one of the largest growing Industries in the USA!

Why Join?

AIHBA is helping thousands of health, beauty, and wellness businesses grow their company in the United States marketplace.

Offering a platform that enables companies and business professionals to network, showcase their products and services, and connect with customers and partners in the American market.

Global Presence

Supplier and Partner Relationships

Nurture stronger partnerships with an AIHBA membership. When your associates see your commitment to high standards, they'll trust your products and practices more readily, solidifying your supplier and partner relationships.

Awards and Recognitions

Certificates of awards and recognitions highlight a business' achievements in areas such as product innovation, design, marketing, and customer satisfaction.

New Market Access and Expansion

Unlock new horizons with an AIHBA membership. Gain streamlined access to global markets as our recognized credentials facilitate smoother entry, enabling your products to reach new audiences and explore untapped opportunities.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

When participating in trade shows or exhibitions, members can proudly display their AIHBA certificates to showcase their expertise, credibility, and the quality of their products.


If you are thinking of expanding to the American market, you have come to the right place. AIHBA provides business solutions and services that will help you reach your goals by accessing the most lucrative consumer marketplace in the world!

AIHBA Memberships

Prestigious membership programs based on four tiers: Free, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Regardless of which tier you choose, by joining the American International Health & Beauty Association, you will gain access to your very own customizable profile page and an exclusive database of lawyers, accountants, brokers, and other industry specialists who will help you grow your business.

Featured Services

Industry Professionals are Ready to Assist

Whatever your business needs may require, we are here to help. AIHBA specializes in catering to the specific needs of each member. Take advantage of having true industry professionals on your team. We offer a wide variety of business services that are geared to helping your business prosper and grow.

  • Business Page
  • FDA Registration
  • Member Certificate
  • Copyright Registration
  • Patent search and registration
  • Marketing in the United States
  • Trade Show and Expo Representation
  • Products Shipping, Customs Clearing, Storage, and Returns
  • Search for Reputable Lawyers and Consultants

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. The American International Health & Beauty Association is here to help businesses reach their true potential. If you have a custom request, contact us today +1 (888) 407-3022 or email us

Membership Tiers

AIHBA is helping health, beauty, and wellness businesses all over the world achieve their business goals by connecting to the amazing marketplace in the United States of America. Certificates of awards and recognitions highlight a companies' achievements in areas such as product innovation, design, marketing, and customer satisfaction.




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